About Wild Fly

Wild Fly Productions was established in 2013 when I began bringing a camera along to document fly fishing trips in the Appalachian mountains. I wanted to share the joy that fly fishing had brought me, so I began posting videos to YouTube. I didn't know exactly why I was so drawn to making videos, at the time, but over the years, I have found that it has been an escape for me and a way to express myself.

Wild Fly has since evolved into much more than just a fishing YouTube channel. Wild Fly is a community, a mindset and a reminder that we all need to make more time to get outside. We believe that fly fishing offers a type of stillness that is becoming harder and harder to find in every day life. It allows us to reset, think clearly and re-engage with the world in a positive way. Fly Fishing has also given us a deeper appreciation for the places we get to explore. Every trip offers a learning opportunity and we hope to convey those through our films.

In 2018, we launched our apparel brand which has helped support our films and endeavors over the last few years. With each drop, we aim to release apparel that reflects the quality of work we put out and hopefully encourages others to find their own adventures.

Fly Fishing has introduced me to lifelong friends, taken me to places I never thought I'd go to, and taught me a lot about myself. In many ways, that is why Wild Fly exists. My goal with each film, we produce, is to help others find their love for the outdoors and hopefully pick up on the important lessons that fly fishing can teach us.

- Scottie Finanger, Owner of Wild Fly Productions