#17 The Brood X Cicada Hatch, Summer Dry Fly Fishing & the Toxicity of Social Media

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Karson Decker, Shane Hines, and Paco Eby from Due South Outfitters join the podcast to talk summer fishing in the high country, the 17 year Brood X Cicada Hatch, and the Dangers of Social Media on fly fishing. We go into depth about summer fishing tactics and how to find fish when the weather starts heating up. These guys spend every day on the water and have picked up some pretty crafty techniques that they share throughout. We also talk about the 17-year Brood X Cicada Hatch and stories from fishing it earlier this summer. Also, we discuss situations that have come up recently in the fishing world, and how social media has played a role in them. It's the first episode we have done in the Due South fly shop and the boys bring out the vices throughout to spin up some bugs and streamers. Make sure to stop by Due South Outfitters the next time you swing into Boone, NC. Cheers!