#16 Tight Loops | Producing an Award-Winning Fly Fishing Film, Backcountry Canoeing & Bear Encounter

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Chase and Aimee Bartee are Award-Winning Adventure Filmmakers and owners of Tight Loops. They have produced some of the best fly fishing films out there and have recently released, their award-winning film, BIG LAND on YouTube. If you haven't seen BIG LAND, you need to stop reading this and go watch it ASAP. They recently ditched their apartment in New England and took to the road to live full time in their VW van "Bullwinkle." With this move, they have been able to simplify their lives and explore some of the best fisheries the Western United States has to offer. It was a pleasure sitting down with them to talk about the early days of Tight Loops. To talk about filmmaking and the lessons they've learned over the years. We also talk about their latest project BIG LAND and what went into planning such a massive expedition. Being 100 + miles away from the closest road and spending 2 weeks living off of the land is an incredible feat and in this episode, you'll get to hear first-hand what that experience looked like. It's a jam-packed episode that could have been 4 hours long if we didn't lose light and I can't wait to have these guys back on. Enjoy!

Watch Tight Loops' film BIG LAND