#15 | Your Guide to SMALLMOUTH Fly Fishing

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Adam, Bryant, & Steve join the podcast this week after our recent shoot down in Alabama. We spent 6 days chasing smallmouth around Northern Alabama & Middle Tennessee. In doing so, we took a night to talk through why we all have gravitated towards smallmouth fishing. We share some of our top secrets for finding smallmouth streams and then how to actually target them. Gear also comes up in the discussion and we all share our go-to setups when it comes to smallmouth fishing. It's an action-packed episode that will surely provide you with some insightful information on smallmouth so you can get out and start targeting them yourself. We go on a few minor tangents (like any podcast), but they all land on points that we hope you guys can learn from and apply to your fishing game. If you've been looking for a place to start learning about smallmouth, this is where you need to be. Enjoy, my friends!

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