#13 CJ Lord | Secrets to Targeting Big Brown Trout, Streamer Fishing, & Fish Photography

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In today’s episode, our guest is my good friend CJ Lord. CJ is an incredible fisherman and probably most well-known for his ability to consistently target big brown trout. He has spent the last few years dedicated to exploring new water and testing out different streamer techniques that best trigger predatory fish. In this conversation, we talk about those techniques but more importantly, we talk about why he is using them and how he changes up tactics in different situations. We also talk about the type of water you should look for when targeting big browns and how they move around throughout the year. So if you’re anyone who is looking to target bigger fish or you want to have a better grip on streamer fishing, I think you’re gonna really enjoy this conversation.

Cj's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cjlord/