#12 Cory Bryk | Keys to Goal Setting, Business and Exploring the Unknown

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In this episode, I got the chance to sit down with my friend Cory Brick. Cory is an ex-marine and the owner of New Life Farms just outside of Boone, North Carolina. Cory and I met through 2 of my best friends, who have worked for him over the years. I would always hear them talking about Cory and how he had made such a big impact on their lives. I finally had the chance to meet him—a few weeks back—and we hit it off. He’s an extremely driven, hardworking, and caring person who has learned almost everything he knows through trial and error. In our conversation, we talk about realistic goal setting and what it really takes to achieve those goals. We also talk about how to deal with the uncertainties that life, business and fly fishing bring us. I was honestly surprised with how much of what Cory has learned through his Farming business applies to what I do and really just life in general. He’s an extraordinary guy and shares a ton of valuable wisdom that I hope can benefit all of you. I really enjoyed this talk and I know you will too.

Learn more about Cory's Farm http://www.newlifefarmnc.com/
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