#06 Karson Decker | How to Master Small Stream Fishing, Finding New Creeks & Native Brook Trout

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Karson Decker is a Boone, North Carolina Native and knows just about everything you need to know about Small Stream fishing. He started working at Due South Outfitters when he was 14 and took his first guided trip at 15. He's only 20 now but he's one of the best fly fishermen that I know. We are also joined by, Max Beck, the owner of Due South Outfitters (who was on EP #03). Being that we all reside in Boone, NC, small stream fishing is our jam. So, I took to Instagram and had you guys send in questions about Small Stream fishing. We received hundreds of questions and in this episode, we got to tackle some of those. Karson & Max offer a lot of tangible advice for anyone interested in upping their small stream game and anyone trying to find new places to fish. We talk about local privatization issues we face in North Carolina and how you can get away from pressured fisheries. Our hope, with this episode, is that you can take some of these tools away and apply them to your own fly fishing game. This isn't about the places we have fished, the flies we use, or the gear we like but rather a conversation that can be a catalyst. A catalyst to help you take initiative in getting out and growing as an angler, yourself. We hope you enjoy it and please share this with anyone else who could benefit from this conversation.

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