#02 Bryant Patterson | How to improve your fishing films, Googan Squad, & importance of sound design

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In this episode, my friend Bryant Patterson joins me to talk all about filmmaking, fishing, and working with the Googan Squad. Bryant is an extremely talented filmmaker, photographer, and just overall creative. He grew up in Northern Alabama chasing smallmouth bass in the surrounding areas. He started bringing a camera along on his trips and documenting his time fishing. His passion for filmmaking and fly fishing grew together as he went into college and by the end of school, he was on his way to making a career for himself in the filmmaking world. Bryant now works for the well-known Fishing company "The Googan Squad" and has worked with some of the biggest fishing brands in the industry. Over the last few years, he has really dialed in his production process and we talk about that in the conversation. He also shares some valuable advice for filmmakers, especially in the fishing world. With Bryant always behind the camera, it was fun getting to sit down and pick his brain on his process and what lead him down this career path. Hope you enjoy it!

To check out Bryant's work you can go to http://www.bryantpatterson.com
or follow him on Instagram @brpatt