#01 Blue Line Co. | Appreciating your local fisheries, DIY adventure and Short Bus Diaries

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To kick the podcast off on the right foot, I had my friends Adam & Steve from Blue Line Flies on to talk. Adam and Steve are lifelong best friends from Northern Alabama who grew up chasing smallmouth on their local rivers. With no fly shop in their area, they were left having to get their hands dirty and figure out how this whole fly fishing thing was done, on their own. Fly tying became a necessity for them with a lack of accessibility to flies & outfitters. This all played into the formation of Blue Line Flies and what it is today. Adam & Steve offer some great lessons for anglers--of all levels--as they had to figure out much of what they know on their own. They highlight their shortcomings when growing up and how other anglers can excel quicker than they did. We also talk about the Short Bus Diaries, Northern Natives, and other film projects we are working on. You'll get to hear more about how we met and how we started making trips together. This was an awesome conversation and I hope you all enjoy it.

Check out Blue Line Flies here to support https://www.bluelineflies.com/